Dr. Warren Provided Commentary For Zwivel About Septal Perforation

Stephen M. Warren MD, FACS

Dr. Warren Provided Commentary For Zwivel About Septal Perforation

By Melissa Chefec

“Septal Perforation: Causes, Repair, and Recovery”

In severe cases, septal perforations that continue to enlarge must be treated aggressively through surgery to prevent complications.

“The septum is a structure comprised of cartilage, bone and a thin membrane that separates the two nasal passages.

If a perforation (hole) develops in the septum, it may or may not need to be repaired depending on what caused it, the extent of the damage, whether or not it is irritating, and whether or not it is causing any health problems.”

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Sarah b.

Dr Warren is one of the world most talented surgeon that i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My son's medical challenges started 16 years ago, at birth. Dr Warren recommended and performed a brilliant, genius surgery to rectify facial symmetry caused by a tumor.

Samantha F.

Dr Warren is patient, systematic, thorough, a true perfectionist. I have the highest regard for everything Dr Warren did before, during and post surgery. Dr Warren made himself accessible around the clock to ensure that my son was taken care of every single step of the way.

Debbie G.

Dr. Warren did my sons cleft lip/gum/nose surgery and will be doing his palate surgery. He not only is a fantastic surgeon but he has an incredible bedside manner, explains everything thoroughly, and is in such constant communication with us, we don’t feel we need a whole “team”.

Robert A.

Dr. Warren is a consummate professional and an incredibly skilled surgeon. He has an amazing and comforting bedside manner that is equally met by his successful results as a surgeon.

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